limm is a simple game made for #MyFirstGameJam Winter 2017 edition. The goal is to explore the minimalist world where truly strange things happen.

As the Cheshire Cat, you need to get through all challenges of the Jungle, find your way out of the dangerous Ice Cave and cross the finish line in the Third Level.

There's not much to play, mainly because all levels were created during the last 3-4 hours of the jam with the help of my fellow friend. Enjoy!
To skip the tutorial, open the hidden door on the left of the first screen.


Movement: Left/Right Arrows or A/D

Jump: Z, Space or Arrow Up

Action: X, E or Arrow Down

If the page keeps scrolling with arrow keys, click on the fullscreen button.

Thanks to my friends for supporting me and testing the game. Special thanks to Oroderu - for helping with the levels, design choices (and many more) and for creating a beautiful cover image for the game =}


Chrome 49+, Firefox 50+, Edge 14+, Safari 10+, Opera 42+. No IE support, sorry =)

Source code can be found here.

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